Multi-Dimensional Approach to Resilience and Adaptability (MARA) Project

A Powerful Impact on Barbados and Beyond

The MARA Project is a revolutionary initiative funded by The Maria Holder Memorial Trust, focusing on cultural heritage preservation, personal development, and social innovation & design thinking. This project reflects our social and cultural brand pillars, working tirelessly over the last two years in the Pinelands and Haynesville Community to increase accessibility as a strategy to dismantle social inequalities and uplift society’s most vulnerable.

The MARA Project focuses on three pivotal areas

Cultural Heritage Preservation

We're dedicated to safeguarding our abundant national and Afro-Caribbean cultural heritage for upcoming generations. Through comprehensive research, interactive workshops, instructive videos, and historical documentation, we're ensuring our cultural legacy flourishes.

Personal Development

We are directly combating social inequality by providing underprivileged children, youth and young adults in two communities with access to virtual classes, academic assistance, and professional development courses. We are arming them with the necessary skills to build sustainable livelihoods and to prosper in the post-COVID era.

Social Innovation & Design Thinking

We are firm believers in innovation and leadership. Our Social Innovation & Design Thinking Program empowers the youth to be change-makers. With engaging sessions, workshops, and practical activities, we challenge them to explore alternative thinking while nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit. We are exposing them to new knowledge and readying them for the complexities of a new global landscape.

Success Stories

Impact Testimonial from

H.E. Ms. H. Elizabeth Thompson

The CALM Project has tremendous potential, to influence positive behavioural change, young create new opportunities and different thinking from my generation which is so important and so much needed. The initiative is very worthwhile……A program like this has the potential to have a national beneficial impact.

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Career and Life Management Program

Multi-Dimensional Approach to Resilience and Adaptability (Academic Support)

Multi-Dimensional Approach to Resilience and Adaptability

Our impact is evident.

As of July 2023, the MARA Project has trained and supported


including 101 males and 175 females aged between 8 and 35.

Join us in this transformative journey as we facilitate the advancement of people through improved access by way of community driven development opportunities.

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